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Ready Mix Concrete

Weidenbach Construction is committed to bringing quality concrete to our customers with exceptional service.

Concrete is the most versatile building product available today. One area, and probably the most easily recognizable areas of concrete is ready-mix. Ready-mixed means that the right blend for your job is “READY” when and where you need it. We mix your product at our plant and “batch” it out on a will call basis. We have several mix designs to choose from to suit your needs; our qualified staff can help you select the right blend. Once your mix is on the way, our drivers, who are also qualified concrete finishers, will deliver your product in a timely manner. 

Standard Concrete

We use crushed quartzite rock from Spencer Quarries and sand from Wagner Building & Supply. Both products are South Dakota Department of Transportation approved. Our cement comes from GCC Dacotah in Rapid City and we use Class C Fly-Ash from Port Neal, NE. There are an endless number of combinations of these products to give you the proper mix for your application.


K-Crete (Flowable Fill): K-Crete is a controlled density fill. It is used primarily for filling voids under culverts and for wash out areas under road beds. It is a product that uses sand, cement, and fly-ash.

Admixtures Water Reducers:

Accelerators: Speed up the set time of fresh concrete. 
Retarders: Slow down the set time of fresh concrete. 
Air Entrainment: Added to concrete that will be exposed to freeze thaw cycles.
Fiber-Reinforcement:  Secondary reinforcement added during batching.


There are many colors that can be added to concrete for stamping or other finishes. If you prefer to add color to your finish we require an advanced notice of 2 weeks.