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Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is one of the fastest-growing and ever-changing segments of the concrete industry today. Weidenbach Concrete Works offers a complete range of systems to create a new colored and textured “hardscape.” Or if it is updating that old front step you want, we can resurface and restore existing concrete. Whatever your needs, we have the right system for you. Your ideas coupled with our imagination, creativity, and hard work will ensure the highest quality, one-of-a-kind creation for you to enjoy for years to come.

Colored & Textured Concrete 

Two common techniques in decorative concrete is coloring and texturing. There are two common methods of coloring concrete: integral color and color hardener. Integral color is the most widely used in this area but Weidenbach Concrete Works prefers to use color hardener. The main advantage of using color hardener over integrated color is the quality of the color.

Typically, we use two color hardeners to give the surface a variegated look. A third color is used in the color release. The colored release is a product distributed over the concrete to act as a membrane between the fresh concrete and any texture skin that will be applied. Normally a darker complimenting color is used. Most of the color release will be washed off with just the areas imprinted remaining.

Finally, after the color release is washed off and all the joints are touched up, we apply a seal coat. We prefer using a polyurethane sealant. These sealants are more expensive but will last much longer then the typical acrylic sealant. First a primer coat is applied followed by the finish coat. This will bring out the vibrancy of the colors and protect the surface as well.

Acid Stains & Dyes 

Acid stains react with minerals that exist in newly cured or existing concrete, penetrating the very top layer of the concrete surface with color that will not chip, crack, or peel. The colors produced in each section of concrete will be unique with captivating, multi-colored intensities that become a permanent part of the concrete.

Dyes are typically water based materials that allow the use of a broader range of colors. They can be used alone or as a compliment to the acid stains.

The design opportunities using these products are endless. With the use of a concrete saw, many different patterns can be cut into the concrete and various colors used to give any floor a unique and one of a kind look.

Once saw joints are cut and the stains and dyes are applied, the designer saw cuts can be filled with ceramic tile grout, leaving a plain concrete floor looking like hand-laid marble tiles.

Raised Decks 

Most people who own wood decks will vouch for the amount of maintenance that is required. In addition, the life cycle of a wood deck is very short in comparison to the other parts of a home.
A low maintenance concrete deck will outlast the traditional wooden deck. Weidenbach Concrete Works has developed a system of replacing existing wood decks with concrete. Concrete decks have many advantages over wood with the most obvious being the life cycle of the product. In addition, with the use of colors and textures, the design capabilities of concrete are endless.

Sandblast Stencils & Engraved Concrete 

Sometimes the design you are looking for cannont be achieved win a “mat-type” impression. Weidenbach Construction has experience using both sandblast stencil and engraved concrete.

Sandblast stencils are very resilient and can be designed with the most intricate details to create unique and one-of-a-kind surfaces. The stencils are self-adhesive, bond well to sealed concrete, and are designed to leave no adhesive residue on the concrete surface when they are removed.

Engraved concrete also requires the use of a template. Then pneumatic tools are used to etch the concrete surface. As with the sandblast stencils, design opportunities are endless.

With both products, various dyes and stains can be used to produce an endless variety of designs.

Concrete Countertops 

One of the largest growing segments of the decorative concrete market is the manufacturing of concrete countertops. The creative design capabilities of concrete and endless color options give concrete countertops a major advantage over any other product in use today.

Concrete countertops can be either cast in-place or pre-cast and delivered to the site. Both methods produce excellent results and when the use of stains, colors, dyes, and decorative inlays are incorporated the design possibilities are endless.

Concrete Steps 

The use of concrete for steps creates unique design possibilities. Weidenbach Concrete Works can help you create a welcoming entrance in concrete.

Weidenbach Construction has produced many front porches using concrete. We always take time to make sure we have sufficient footings to eliminate any possibility of the concrete settling. The use of colors and decorative form liners add to the attractiveness of any entrance.

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