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Construction Concrete

Weidenbach Concrete Works's has experience in about every type of concrete construction imaginable. What does that entail? Well, to quote our long-term staffer, Lois, "If you can dream it, we can build it." We can pour foundations to homes, sidewalks to streets. You name it and Weidenbach Concrete Works has probably constructed it using concrete.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) have been gaining in popularity recently. Most use of ICF’s has been for basement foundations and Weidenbach Concrete Works has constructed many of them. However, they are also a tremendous product for building construction. In fact, Weidenbach Concrete Works has used ICF’s for the construction of two complete homes in Parkston. Once people realize the advantage of using concrete in home construction you will see many more concrete homes being built.

For paving streets, alleys, or driveways, concrete has always proven to be an excellent choice. Weidenbach Concrete Works has been involved in a number of streets and parking lot construction projects over the years and concrete, along with excellent construction practices, have proven that concrete is the best product to use.

Weidenbach's has always been an innovator in construction techniques and will always put quality before quantity. You will not find us “cutting corners” to get a project done under budget…we will always follow proper construction guidelines and stand behind our product. Control joints, isolation joints, and doweled joints will all be placed wherever necessary to produce a quality product to be proud of.